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The Virtual Dambusters

RAF 617 Squadron, The Dambusters, was formed in early March of 2004 by Charlie3 and Kizmet as WWII Online's first and (at that time) only squad dedicated to the sustained strategic bombing of the Axis Research Development and Production facilities



One of the common themes we see in the average World War Two Online player is their interest in history, specifically the Second World War. The squad's name pays homage to the past and current legacy of the real RAF 617 Squadron and their ingenuity, tenacity and bravery. The virtual Dambusters have our own long history and an unparalleled reputation of ingenuity, dedication and excellence within the WWIIOL community.

The Dambusters lead the WWIIOL community (Allied and Axis) in the development and implementation of strategic bombing strategy and tirelessly work to prove (and improve) the importance that strategic bombing plays in not only the Allied war effort, but the game as a whole.

We are a fun bunch of nuts who love raining down destruction on the Axis factories around the clock. Our bomber pilots like nothing better than taking flights of a dozen (even dozens) of bombers and escorts across enemy lines.

Our escort pilots are among the best in the game. They cut through factory defenders with nerves of steel and get our bomber pilots to target and safely home. If you are a fighter pilot looking for action, quit chasing AI-hugging 109s on the deck, come on up to where the real air war is taking place.

Our Squad currently has members from around the world. We cover numerous time zones and enjoy the comraderie of teamwork and the expanding of knowledge we gain, simply from talking with one another on teamspeak as we play the game. We welcome all bomber and fighter pilots, new and old alike. Although our main function is strategic bombing, our squad encourages enjoyment in the game and readily perform other missions as required by the Allied High Command. If the Axis make it, we're more than happy to blow it up!

We encourage you to delve into the complexities of World War Two Online, and more specifically, we invite you to join our "Team" as we continue to rain death and destruction down on the Axis hordes. This game encourages (even requires) teamwork and has a steep learning curve so you will find gameplay much more enjoyable, and you'll survive much longer, if you join a squad early on in your WWIIOnline playing career. With experience comes knowledge and the Dambusters are a knowledgebase waiting to teach you the complexities of this Massive Multi-Player Online game.

So that you get a better idea of what we do, as well as the excitement and enjoyment that is possible in the game, we have some links on the left to videos of past Dambuster bombing missions and some training material on the Guide page, see the Tabs at the top.

If you like what you see and are interested in joining one of the most well-known and well-respected squads in WWIIOL, ask for the Dambusters by name in game or stop by our forums and introduce yourself. Even if you don't elect to join our ranks, we need the help of every Allied player to keep the Axis war machine at bay, so watch for our mission announcements on ch [55] and [3] and join us on a mission or two. All are welcome.



So here's wishing you all Happy Hunting - and thus in the tradition of the real DamBusters, a still active squadron in the RAF today. We pay tribute to these awesome pilots by using their namesake in a massive video game called World War Two Online. Our squadron of gamers is tasked with levelling factories to affect Axis research, development and production in the game. We also provide close air support by raining bombs on Axis armour, artillery and troops. This is our story. Feel free to browse our forums or dropping us a line via info(at)617dambusters(dot)com, and if interested, please inquire about joining the team.