Douglas DB7

"This is the Plane used ingame by the Squad as a Level Bomber"

The Douglas DB-7 was a family of attack, light bomber and night fighter aircraft of World War II, serving primarily with Soviet, US and British air forces. The DB-7 was also used by Australian, South African, French and Dutch services during the War, and Brazil afterwards. The aircraft was known as the "Boston" among Commonwealth air forces, while the night fighter variants were known as the "Havoc". The USAAF assigned the DB-7 the designation "A-20" and gave it the popular name "Havoc," adopted from the RAF moniker.

A-20 Havoc/DB-7 Boston/P-70


Plane Type: Bomber


Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company

January 10,1941

Primary users:
Soviet Air Force, United States Army Air Corp, Royal Air Force


Number built: 7,478




Maximum speed 338 mph (294 knots, 544 km/h) at 12,500 ft (3,800 m)

Range 1,050 mi (912 nm, 1,690 km)

Service ceiling 27,600 ft (8,400 m)

Rate of climb 2,000 ft/min (10.2 m/s)


A-20C being serviced at Langley Field, Virginia, 1942